Our Engagements

We have varied and diverse industry experience. We have performed valuations, strategic planning, and litigation support
for the following industries:

• Aviation
• Automobile Retail
• Asphalt Paving and Road Construction
• Clothing (Manufacturing and Distribution)
• Commercial and Residential Construction
• Cosmetics (Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail)
• Electrical Contracting (Commercial)
• Entertainment
• Infomercials (Development and Retail)
• Insurance
• Manufacturing
• Medical Devices & Supplies Retail
• Metals Processing
• Printing
• Private Debt Contracts

• Professional Practices (Medical, Dental, Accounting and Legal)
• Real Estate (Commercial, Multifamily and Residential)
• Recycling (Metal and Rubber)
• Refining (Oil and Gas)
• Rental (Retail)
• Restaurants
• Retail (Convenience Stores Chains and Gas Stations)
• Royalty Agreements
• Solar Power Purchasing Agreements
• Specialty Construction
• Telecommunications Providers
• Technology (Oil Extraction, Medical Devices, Magnetic Values for fluid and gas control, Website Development and Hosting, Semiconductor Manufacturing)
• Wholesale and Distribution (Construction and Food industries)
• Wood Milling, Cabinetry, and Specialty Construction

Clients & Testimonials

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  • I was doing a round of funding for my company and needed a business evaluation to present to my investors. Not only did Steve give me an extremely comprehensive evaluation that was accurate, thorough, and affordable, he also created a variety of predictive financial models - specific for my industry - and that were critical in helping me secure capital.

    Asking Steve to formulate an evaluation and financial models was a great decision and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
    Jarrod Bentley
    Entrepreneur, CA
  • My decision to go with Enterprise Value Advisors for my business plan development and business valuation was the right one. They were very responsive to my emails and questions, and explained everything they were doing in detail. They were able to find both our strengths and weaknesses; this helped us come up with a plan of action. They turned around a high quality business plan and valuation in a time frame that far exceeded my expectations.

    They proved to be an asset to Apex and I was glad they were working on our team. I would recommend their services to anyone.
    Mat Kuhn
    President, ACSI
  • I needed to know the value of my business in anticipation of its sale. My attorney recommended Steve to me for the job. I was very pleased with the well-researched, completely documented and thorough report I received. It was just what I needed to get the price I wanted for my business.

    I gladly recommend his services to anyone who needs an expert appraisal.
    Owner, Respiratory Solutions
  • Enterprise Value Advisors provided my company with a custom valuation service that has proven invaluable to me. Many valuation firms use templates that do not uncover the true value of a company, but EVA did a great job at uncovering the intangibles, risk factors, and value drivers. Right from the start, I was impressed with the team’s professional qualifications and years of experience. I must say it gave me peace of mind to know I could trust the company’s professional advice. In such competitive environment, it is imperative to find professionals that understand my industry and my business model.

    I am extremely satisfied with the service EVA provided to my firm, and I would highly recommend them to other business owners in need of a valuation study.
    Daniel Cid
    Nextgen International
  • I have known Dr. Steve Ferraro for 15 years and have worked directly with him on a number of valuations during that time period. Accordingly, when I have a question regarding valuation, I utilize Dr. Ferraro as a resource. Dr. Ferraro is an expert in the field of valuation and I trust him for his exceptional work product, research, experience, and integrity.

    Kari Laitinen, Executive JD, MBA
    Managing Director - Investment Banking Division - Wilson Harvey Browndorf, LLP.